Active life, happy life

Unplug and experience how sports help you to connect to yourself

Does every body good

Nothing brings mind, body and spirit together like healthy exercise. There’s a pace that’s right for each one of us, but the energy, glow and sheer good spirits we feel after we’ve been active is something we all have in common. Lots of science and research tells us why activity is good – working the heart, getting the blood pumping, sweating out toxins and breathing in good fresh air. Yet when we do take exercise, we can really feel it too – a lift of the spirits, a sense that life is good and the reward of a bright, stretched and glowing body ready to take deserved rest after exertion.

  • Breathe, focus, result!

    Maybe it’s the simplest exercise there is – get out on your own two feet and run. Here are 6 tips to enjoy running even more

    Love running
  • Two wheels, no engine

    If you want to get your heart and lungs working, but need to keep down the impact, get on two wheels and appreciate a slower pace of travel.

    Get in the saddle
  • Every body walk

    However you are feeling when you set out, exercise brings colour to your cheeks and leaves you with a feeling that life is pretty good after all.

    Hiking makes you happier
  • Before exercise – getting your muscles ready

    Sports massage isn’t just for top-class athletes. Here are some ideas to help you and your muscles stay on good terms.

    Show some muscle love

Put Weleda Arnica Shower Gel in your action pack

Weleda’s Arnica Sports range is tailored to enhance and complement the rewards of activity. A fresh, uplifting shower gel that rinses away the grit and stickiness, but lets you keep the glow of exercise. And for hard-worked muscles, Arnica Massage Oil to soothe, warm and relax after strain. Make Weleda your best buddy for an active life – and keep the after-sport high going for the rest of your day.

  • Arnika Sport - gel za prhanje

    Poživljajoča svežina v obliki lahkega, transparentnega gela za prhanje.

    Doživite naval energije med prhanjem. Uživajte v edinstvenem vonju rožmarina in sivke, ki vam vrača svežino po vadbi.

    Poživljajoča svežina v obliki lahkega, transparentnega gela za prhanje.

    Oglejte si izdelek
  • Masažno olje z arniko

    Masaža z oljem z izvlečki arnike ogreje mišice.

    Pred ali po športni oziroma drugi naporni aktivnosti, za ogrevanje ali počasnejše ohlajanje mišic - poživljajoča masaža z Masažnim oljem z arniko.

    Masaža z oljem z izvlečki arnike ogreje mišice.

    Oglejte si izdelek
  • Collected in the wild

    Arnica (Arnica Montana) has been used for centuries for the treatment of muscle injuries, bruises and sprains. So far almost 150 pharmaceutically active ingredients have been identified in the natural chemistry of the plant. For Weleda, arnica extract is important to many of our pharmaceutical products, especially in medical ointments and we also use arnica in natural cosmetics.

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  • Arnica montana field - Weleda

    The guardian and healer of muscles and bruises

    About 150 pharmaceutically active ingredients are found in arnica’s flower clusters. That's 150 reasons to use arnica for our products. The fine silica content gives the arnica structuring and shaping forces and helps to regenerate tissue after blunt injuries such as bruises, bumps or contusions.

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